Henderson woman and her two boys move into their new Habitat home

Henderson woman and her two boys move into their new Habitat home

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - In Henderson, a woman and her two young boys are moving into their new house on Friday. It's the Habitat for Humanity's 54th home dedication.

14 News was there in May for the groundbreaking ceremony of the home. Now, Lashanda, Corvon and Cortez are finally able to make their new house, their new home.

I'm told Corvon and Cortex have shared a room for as long as they can remember. Lashanda says now for the first time, they'll each have a room of their own, and I'm told the first thing they did was pick out the colors they wanted their room to be painted.

"My little child, Cortex, his room looks like the Lakers. It's purple and gold. My oldest boy, Corvon, his is a sky blue and navy blue," said Lashanda Tyler.

If you remember, 5th grade students at East Heights helped raise $500 for this home to be built, and many other organizations and groups have since  chipped in.

"I never thought I would see this day so I'm happy about it and I appreciate everybody that helped. I see how hard it is and how hot it is, so I appreciate everybody taking time out of their day," said Lashanda.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Paul family is set for September 14th.

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