New law to allow KY motorcyclists to cross red lights

New law to allow KY motorcyclists to cross red lights

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Ever sit at a stoplight that cycles without giving you a green?

It's common for motorcycle riders. The stoplight sensors don't "see" them.

A law coming soon to Kentucky could help them get moving again.

Starting July 15, motorcyclists will be able to cross an intersection on red, as long as they've done a couple of other things first.

The Red Light Law allows bikers to cross on a red if they come to a complete stop and remain there for at least 120 seconds or two lighting cycles.

The Kentucky Motorcycle Association says the law is important because it protects bikers, who can be struck, waiting for a light to change, and that some stop lights can't easily detect lightweight vehicles like motorcycles.

"I really don't think it's that good of an idea," said Kentucky driver Steven Pfingston.  "Maybe they should update the sensors themselves to where it can pick up the weight of said amount, for certain vehicles or what not."

Kentucky is the 15th state to implement a "red light law."  Illinois and Indiana already have their own versions of the law.

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