Taking a Stand: Help fight the War on Hunger

Taking a Stand: Help fight the War on Hunger

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Our community is great at a lot of things but what we do best is come together to accomplish goals that help others.

We see it with severe weather, when people lose their homes to fires, or people just trying to help a small cause here and there on social media. We see the strength of this community by the action that it takes in these situations and once again there are those that need your help.

This Friday 14NEWS, The Salvation Army, and WIKY are teaming up with all of the Schnucks Grocery Stores for our annual food drive, War on Hunger.

Last year, the Salvation Army provided over 100,000 meals to this community and the need is greater than ever before.

We'll be LIVE from the West Side Schnucks all day long asking for your support in this great cause.

Donations of cash and non-perishable foods will be accepted not just on Friday but even at this moment you can donate by going to your local Schnucks and dropping items in the Salvation Army box.

Whether you donate now, donate on Friday, or just even spread the word on social media, you are the key to success for many in our community that don't know when they will have their next meal.

So I ask you this, let's work together. Join us in this fight against the War on Hunger so those in need don't go hungry.

That's my stand, what's yours?


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