Special Report: The New Stay at Home Mom

Special Report: The New Stay at Home Mom

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Careers in direct sales are taking off as more moms look for a way to earn an income while spending more time with family.

"Our life is crazy. We are just juggling kids and schedules, trying to make dinner, keep the laundry going. It's just a busy, busy life," said mother of five, Chrissie Maslan.

"I really wasn't looking for something to do, something extra on my plate, but I saw the products and I fell in love."

Chrissie said she started selling Nerium skincare to earn free product, but it's now become much more.

"In six months, I earned my Lexus and I've been able to bring in five paychecks a month with Nerium. It's allowed me to bring an income in while staying home with my kids."

It's a similar story for mom, Jessica Barnard.

"I remember taking my kids to work when it was dark, giving them breakfast at the child watch there, picking them up after they ate supper there," said Jessica.

She left the long hours of her corporate job to sell Juice Plus nutritional products.

"I'm my own boss so I get to decide how many hours I want to work."

The business of direct sales is booming. Nerium, for example, grossed $400 Million in its first three years. That's a pretty good chunk of what experts say is a $30 billion dollar a year industry.

"We're finding that one in seven households has a member who's engaged in some sort of direct selling," said Dr. Jill Griffin, a business and marketing professor at the University of Evansville.

Dr. Griffin said the appeal for most women is flexibility.

"Being able to schedule your work when you want, how much you want to do it, fits with the needs of many stay-at-home moms and other people that have demands."

Jessica agreed.

"There are weeks when I work 20 hours a week on it. There are weeks when I work five. That's what's great about a residual income is that the work you put in it before, keeps coming and blessing you afterwards."

It's a blessing that Chrissie says keeps her right where she wants to be.

"I love that I'm able to help provide for our family, but not having to leave the home to do it. I can stay home with them which was my dream all along."

Dr. Griffin says if you are thinking about joining the direct sales force, make sure you do your homework. Check with the Federal Trade Commission or Direct Selling Association for more on how to research the company and what questions to ask before you join.

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