Snowboard and ski rentals down this year due to warmer weather

Snowboard and ski rentals down this year due to warmer weather

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - With eleven different snow events in Southern Indian last year, this year is a much different story.

Businesses connected to Paoli Peaks Ski Resort say their numbers are down this year and local snowboards say they aren't making the drive up nearly as often as they usually do.

"When people have snow in their backyard they are more likely to go snowboarding or skiing just because its right there in front of them," said Lauren Grenier, the Director of Marketing and Administration at Paoli Peaks.

The snow proving to be a good reminder that its time to hit the slopes. Avid snowboarders Kat Shrode and David Knox agree.

"More people show up when they see snow and in colder temperatures," they said.

But this year, with the warmer temperatures, is different.

"We've only been once this year," said Shrode.

For the newlyweds, having a slow season means not making the trip up to Paoli.

Shrode says, "it definitely does affect us."

Opening day wasn't until December 31st this year. This late start to the season is rough on local businesses that depend on colder weather as well.

Sales are down nearly 25 percent on ski and snowboard rentals at the Paoli Pro Shop.

"That was one of the main affects because we weren't open Christmas week when people are taking vacations and students are out of school, its a great time to go skiing and we missed that this year," said Roger Sobotka, the Manager at the Pro Shop.

Over at the base of the slope, ticket sales are down from last year but in line with previous years.

Grenier says despite the warmer weather, they have had a good season.

"Even though its been warmer throughout the day, we've been blessed with cold temperatures at night," said Grenier.

But its not without complications.

"If its warmer they cant blow the snow which is what we need to be able to board and ski," said Knox.

Although Kat and David made it to the ski hill every weekend last year, they say they are looking forward to see how the rest of the season plays out.

"well definitely be out there once its colder," said Shrode, "It keeps Indiana alive during the winter time."

The ski season runs until around March.

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