Taking a Stand: Vote 'no' on House Bill 1320

Taking a Stand: Vote 'no' on House Bill 1320

(WFIE) - By: Brad Morton

Solar energy prices are at an all-time low, and as utility rates continue to escalate, more Hoosiers are investing in solar and saving money by producing electricity on their rooftops.

Indiana's current laws are working, but because it cuts into utility revenues, they are out to stop the growth of solar with Indiana House Bill 1320.

HB 1320 is an over reaching piece of legislation deceptively written by utility lobbyists to gut the solar industry in Indiana.

Although the language of the bill uses terms like Consumer Protections and Electricity fairness, the bill taxes solar producers by adding monthly fees and reducing the credit for solar production, returning any cost savings for homeowners to the utility company.

HB 1320 makes solar energy cost prohibitive, giving monopoly utility companies even more of a stranglehold on Hoosiers pocket books.

We believe this bill is designed to killer Indiana's growing solar industry to eliminate any competition for the utility.

If you are considering solar for your home, or if you want to keep utilities prices in check, contact your local legislatures and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 1320

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