ShrinersFest cancel Blue Angels, all future air shows

ShrinersFest cancel Blue Angels, all future air shows

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - 14NEWS has learned there will be no more air shows at Evansville's ShrinersFest.

Evansville Freedom Festival committee members announced Wednesday they have decided to cancel air shows altogether in conjunction with ShrinersFest because the economy over the past three years has increased challenges and created a financial risk.

Officials say the price to hold an air show at the 2015 ShrinersFest increased to $170,000 with the addition of the Blue Angels, and they are not confident they could raise that amount.

They say the normal price for a Blue Angel show ticket costs $20, and the Shriners say they have been proud to keep their button prices at $5.

Committee members say ShrinersFest will still go on and they are planning to add more interactive events, vendors, and 'bigger and better rides'.

The Blue Angels haven't been in Evansville in more than a decade.

They were forced to miss two other dates in 2011 and 2013.

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