New law allows firearms in school parking lots

New law allows firearms in school parking lots

Legal gun owners in Indiana will be able to take their firearms onto school parking lots.

Governor Mike Pence signed the bill into law on Wednesday and it's already causing some controversy.

If you have a gun permit and you drive your vehicle onto school property, you can have a firearm with you. You just have to make sure it's out of sight and that the vehicle is locked.

It only applies to adults with a valid gun permit. Students are not allowed to leave guns inside their vehicles unless they are members of a school shooting club and have school permission.

Supporters say this will protect parents who have a gun in their vehicle while dropping off or picking up their child from school. Before the change, if they were found with a gun, they would face a felony charge.

"I'm not really too keen about it. I mean, having guns on school property or anywhere near a school is kind of asking for trouble in my opinion," Dereck Schaefer says.

Those against this new law say it's just too dangerous to have guns that close to a school.

"They shouldn't allow guns on school property because what if a kid breaks into a car and takes the gun? The kid doesn't know what to do. He would probably shoot it off, shoot himself, or shoot another kid on the property," says Ashan Twymon.

Under the new law, if a gun is found inside a vehicle in plain view, that person can still be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.

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