Fiancé of Warrick Co. murder suspect speaks with 14 News

Published: Mar. 5, 2014 at 11:15 PM CST|Updated: Mar. 12, 2014 at 9:43 PM CDT
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Mathew McCallister. (Source: Vanderburgh County Jail)
Mathew McCallister. (Source: Vanderburgh County Jail)

The fiancé of murder suspect Mathew McCallister is speaking out. 

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - McCallister made his first court appearance in Warrick County on Wednesday. He reluctantly accepted a public defender after telling the judge his life was on the line and he wanted to represent himself.

McCallister's fiancé, Kelli Wyrick, watched from the third row and afterwards speaking to 14 News about losing her fiance, her sister-in-law, friends and her "little buddy," Joseph Nelson. 

"He would watch the kids when we would come down here to visit his sister or just go anywhere, he would stay up there and babysit the children," Wyrick says.

Wyrick says when Nelson, her friend, got out of jail on January 28, he needed a place to stay. So her and McCallister opened their home.

"I said, "Hey Joe, you want to come this time?' And he was like, "Yeah, yeah,' and he started packing his stuff," Wyrick shares with 14 News.

But over Valentine's Day weekend, Nelson wasn't the babysitter. He was invited along to visit friends in Evansville.

"That's the thing I keep coming back to. Maybe I should have left him at the house because if I wouldn't have asked him, none of this crap would have happened," Wyrick says.

Police say Nelson and suspect, Jade Stigell, were alone in a hotel room when Nelson asked her to "play around" and she became uncomfortable.

"The way they said Joe was talking to Jade, that's not Joe. Joe don't talk like that," Wyrick says.

She says Nelson was her little buddy.

"In my apartment, there's a little spot where he sits and all of his stuff is just so. When I walk in there, I step over it. I will not move it. I can't move it because that's his stuff. That's the way he liked it," Wyrick says.

She says since his arrest, she continues to talk to McCallister, but now behind bars.

"He did say that he said that he didn't shoot the man. He didn't see anybody shoot the man, he didn't get rid of any evidence, so he didn't understand it. That's what I've been told by him," Wyrick tells 14 News.

She believes he's innocent because he's not one to fight his battles with a weapon.

"If the man was beat to death, that would be one thing because Mat uses his hands when he's mad or angry or whatever. Mat's never used a gun. He doesn't have any priors with guns," Wyrick says. "I'm not one of those that's like yeah, my man didn't do that. No. If I thought he did it even for a minute, I'm out."

She also says, "I'm sorry they lost their brother, their son, their nephew, their dad."

Wyrick says funeral plans for Nelson have been put on hold until his family can come up with the money for him to be laid to rest.

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