Investigation underway for dog that suffered severe burns, reward offered

(WFIE) - Authorities in Ohio County are asking the public for help solve another animal abuse case.

Ohio County Animal Control says a female terror-mix named Shadow was found in Rockport back in November. They say it had a severe burn to its back.

Animal Control says the dog was taken to the vet to have the burn check out. They say it was so severe the dog had to be put down.

Authorities believe someone tortured the dog with a hot iron.

"Our biggest reaction is shocked and surprised to see anything like that and unexpected in Ohio County, much less anywhere else," said Josh Wright.

Animal Control recently turned the investigation over to the Ohio County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's office is interviewing people.

Officials are offering a reward up to $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

If you have any information on who hurt Shadow, contact the Ohio County Sheriff's Office.

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