Families receiving new hope from student killed when hit by car

Published: Feb. 3, 2014 at 11:41 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 10, 2014 at 11:17 PM CST
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Bradley died of injuries he suffered when hit by a car while on the way to school.
Bradley died of injuries he suffered when hit by a car while on the way to school.

The Henderson County community is coming together to raise money for the funeral of Bradley Randall, the 18-year-old who was killed when he was hit by a car as he walked to school.

While Bradley's mother continues to grieve over the loss of her son, she says his decision to be an organ donor not only gives her new hope, but gives new life to eight other families.

"He was kind of a smart alleck because he was young so you know how teenagers are, but he was outgoing. He was a people person and just a caring boy, really a caring boy when it comes to nurturing other people and helping other people," Bradley's mom, Melody Overton said.

As Melody describes, her son was many things. As the community prepares to say goodbye, Bradley is being remembered as a lifesaver.

"I knew that he would have wanted to me to do this. I know he's up in heaven looking down on me saying, 'Yes mom, thank you," Melody said.

Melody says just a few months ago, she sat down with Bradley, her oldest child, to tell him that when she passes, she wants her organs to be donated. She says at that moment, he made the same commitment.

Melody says that was just in his nature, to give to others.

"To be honest, yeah, I lost my son. But even if I wouldn't have donated Bradley's organs, he's still not going to be here. So donating Bradley's organs actually helps eight other people's families still have their family members. They have a piece of my son and Bradley lives on," Melody said to 14 News.

And his heart, she says, is back where it belongs.

"He always told me he'd go back to Indiana because that's where we're from. The person that's got Bradley's heart is in Indiana and it's going to be in Indiana still," Melody said.

While his heart is back in Indiana, his youngest sister, Hannah, knows where Bradley is.

"Probably being an angel, a good angel," Hannah shared.

As the grieving process continues, the family has a new struggle. They tell us they aren't able to plan a funeral until they have the funds to cover it.

An account has been setup under Bradley's name at Ohio Valley Financial Group.

Donations are also being collected at Rural King in Henderson. Bradley had worked there since August. Donation jars are now sitting by the registers at the store.

An employee who worked with Bradley says she'd like to see the store collect a $1,000. A manager says they'll have the donation jars out until services are held.

Plans for a candlelight vigil are also in the works, pending weather conditions this week.

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