Firefighter goes in front of council with worker's comp claim

An Evansville firefighter who suffered a medical problem while on a fire run says he believes worker's comp should pay his medical bills.

Shawn Oglesby told council members his throat closed while responding to a fire in June of last year. He says he was taken to the hospital and spent six days in intensive care.

Oglesby says his worker's comp claim was denied by a third party administrator under contract with the city.

"My counsel informed me that by coming here tonight could damage my claim, but I feel strongly enough about what I've said here. It needed to be said, that I'm risking that so these public safety officers out here don't have to go through what I'm going through. This is ridiculous," Oglesby says.

Oglesby says his medical expenses are less than $10,000. The city council promised to look into the issue to see what if anything can be done.

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