Dog chasing geese turns into call for help

A wild goose chase turned into a call for help and a rescue that saved a dog's life in Evansville.

The owner of the dog told 14 News that both of her dogs were outside chasing geese when the dog chased them on to a frozen lake.

The two dogs, Bronx and Marley, fell through the ice.

While Marley was able to get herself to safety, Bronx got stuck.

Haley Redmond said she and her friends tried to get to Bronx, but the ice was too thick and he was too far away.

They attempted to break through the ice with rocks and a snow shovel.

Redmond said she even threw a chair to break the ice, but nothing worked.

Members of the German Township Fire Department came to the rescue. They were able to swim to Bronx and carry him to safety.

Thanks to them, Bronx should be just fine.

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