Newburgh 5th grader helping others "one sweet bite at a time"

"Graisen's Creations" is the catchy name of a business started by Sharon Elementary School 5th grader Graisen Wunderlich and her mother, Johnilynn Mobley.

Together, the two bake 35 different kinds of cupcakes and cookies.

"We don't do just regular old fashioned cupcakes. We do, like chocolate and peanut butter, red velvet, vanilla rosewater, my favorite, " explained Graisen.

"She does like the measuring, " Graisen said of her mother, "and I get to do sifting, mixing, and I get to put 'em in like all the bowls, and I get to mix 'em in the mixer.  And it's just really fun."

It's also a lot of work-- time and money Graisen and her mom believe is well spent because it could help save lives.

Before moving to Newburgh, Graisen and her family lived in Florida, where Johnilynn worked as a nurse, helping kids with cancer.

"It made me really sad when my mom came home, and she told me that one of them had died.  And then I started to get to think about it later, and I told my mom that maybe we should find something to help," said Graisen.

"When she came to us and said, 'Mommy, I really want to do something to help these kids', I couldn't very well say, 'That's a sweet thought', pat her on the head and tell her to go away.  I think when a child wants to give like that you better embrace it," recalled Johnilynn.

The idea for "Graisen's Creations" was born a little over a month ago.  Johnilynn set up a business account, started a website and is spreading the word: a third of Graisen's profits go to the Children's Cancer Research Fund.

"It makes me feel really good to help, cause when I heard that some of them had died it made me want to cry.  It was sad because I had the bestest friends, and it makes me feel a lot better that I get to help," said Graisen.

So far, Graisen's raised about $100 for the fund and even has some plans to expand.

"She's told me she would like, eventually, to have her own store," said Johnilynn.

It's a lofty goal for a 10 year old, but sometimes when inspiration hits, there's just no stopping it.

"If you care about a lot of people and you care about everybody, you should just follow your dream and do what you want to," said Graisen.

With the other two-thirds of the money raised through her business, Graisen says she plans to save for college (she wants to be an architect) and a trip to Hawaii for her and her parents.

To find out more about "Graisen's Creations", or to place an order, go to

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