Evansville moms pushing for legalizing marijuana

For the first time, the majority of Americans say they are in favor of legalizing marijuana.

In a Gallup poll released this week, 58% of Americans favor legalizing the drug.

A local group of residents call themselves the "Evansville Moms for Marijuana" and a spokeswoman tells 14 News the new poll results are a victory for their fight.

The page was started in April and it is gaining popularity as more states begin to legalize cannabis, at least in some capacity.

Page creator, Katie Brown, says she started the group to raise awareness and educate the public on the use of cannabis.

The Gallup poll shows nearly 40% of Americans admitted to trying marijuana.

Analysts suggest the use of pot is growing more socially acceptable and it's use to alleviate pain and illness also lends itself to growing support.

Although Washington and Colorado are the only two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, other states in our region have legalized pot in some form.

"The ultimate goal would be to have every aspect of cannabis legalized," said Brown. "Illinois has just passed legalizing medical marijuana. Michigan has legal medical marijuana. Kentucky has passed a bill for industrial hemp and actually Senator Young from Southern Indiana will be introducing a bill next spring for Indiana to grow industrial hemp as well."

So what's the difference between hemp and pot?

Brown says hemp doesn't have THC, which is commonly referred to as the 'get high' factor.

She says hemp can be used for fuel, building materials and textiles.

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