Pet groomer in Henderson helping dogs seized from home

Dogs rescued from a Henderson County home were cleaned up on Friday thanks to some volunteers.

Officials say the 27 dogs were found Wednesday night living in horrible living conditions.

Much of Thursday was spent treating the dogs for medical problems and on Friday, a trip to the groomers.

The Pampered Pet in Henderson is doing what they can to restore the dogs lives.

The rescued Airedale Terriors were given bathes and groomed on Friday. A first for the majority of them.

They're being taken care of after almost 30 of them were removed from a Henderson County home, authorities say, living in filth.

Ashley Kissel is a groomer at Pampered Pets, who is doing what she can to help the dogs.

"It's the least we could do, they really needed their hair cut pretty bad," says Ashley.

Owner of the Pampered Pet, Julie Critcher, says what happened to these dogs is horrible.

"The dogs don't deserve it," says Julie. "They can't control what happens to them, only we can."

The Pampered Pet is working with the Henderson Humane Society to help find these dogs a home.

Good news was received after 14 News spoke with the Henderson Animal Control.

They say they're going to present evidence next week to the county attorney to see what they can pursue criminally.

No charges have been filed yet.

The dogs won't be able to be put up for adoption until after the investigation.

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