Animal Control officials call Henderson case one of the worst they've ever seen

A Henderson woman says she was happy to see authorities at a Henderson County home remove nearly 30 severely sick dogs.

Animal Control officials call this one of the worst cases they've ever seen.

That neighbor watched those dogs be taken away on Wednesday.

She tells 14 News that officials say the Airedale Terriers were stuck in a black sludge of feces, stuffed several per kennel inside a pole barn, and they were likely the lucky ones.

She says authorities found a large pile of bones belonging to dozens of dead dogs.

"Most of them are extremely underweight, so we're trying to evaluate," says Kent Preston with the Humane Society of Henderson County. "A lot of them are a little dehydrated."

27 dogs were removed from a pole barn in one of the worst seizures Animal Control officials say they've ever seen.

"Most of these dogs hadn't been bathed, this is probably their first bath so they don't know how to act," says Kent.

Humane Society Director, Kent Preston, says the dogs range in age from one year to eight or nine years old. They spent the day treating the dogs for ringworm, fleas, and ticks.

"Some of them are extremely matted, some of them even look like they've got dread locks, you can see some of that mats, that we can't get out," says Kent.

Groomers, many who have donated their services, will have to shave many of the dogs.

Sharon Ferguson, who lives next door to the couple that kept the dogs, says the stench was overwhelming and the barking never stopped.

"The sad part about it was it sounded like they are killing each other sometimes," says Sharon. "I guess they were."

One dog is missing half of his face. Officials say it could have happened from being attacked or repeated attempts to escape the pen.

"He said there were skeletons of 30 or more dead dogs over there beside his kennel and that's probably where all the weeds are 20-foot tall," says Sharon. "He never let them out, never, never."

Formal charges against the owners are pending, but Sharon says she can rest easier knowing one thing, "the fact they found all of those skeletons of those dogs, the condition of the dogs, I can't imagine any count ever letting him be able to breed dogs again. I know he'll never get those dogs back again."

Animal Control Officers are completing their investigation.

When the County Attorney returns formal charges against the owners, we will let you know.

The Humane Society says they are incredibly thankful to Petsmart for their donation, but they are still in desperate need of donations and volunteers to help wash and walk the dogs.

Officials say even a five-minute walk is like a get out of jail free card for them.

If you'd like to volunteer, donate or learn more about adoption, contact the Human Society of Henderson County at 270-826-8966.

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