New equipment to help Mt. Carmel fight rural fires faster

MT. CARMEL, IL (WFIE) - The Mt. Carmel Fire Department tested new equipment Tuesday night to potentially help them fight rural fires faster.

The department depends on tanker tucks to fight rural fires, but when the water runs out, firefighters have to wait until the tanker can be refilled at the nearest fire hydrant.

The Turbo Draft would allow firefighters to pull water from near by ponds or lakes when that tanker runs dry, something Captain Mark Seaton says will come in handy.

"Along with the pump that we have on our equipment van that's a low water suction pump, are just more tools that can hopefully prevent major dollar loss out in the county," Cpt. Seaton says.

The Turbo Draft syphons water from those ponds or lakes. The department says they will make a decision whether or not to buy the Turbo Draft in the next few months.

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