Press conferences

Press conferences.  That's how I spent my day, covering press conferences.  And I have no complaints!  There's not a whole lot of room for creative freedom when you're attending an event someone else is in control of, but it also means your story is basically guaranteed.  There's no trying to hunt people down—they're all in one place (or at least they were today!).

I actually had enough time today to not have to rush to any live shots!  So nice to not have to hope for green lights the whole time, haha!

Speaking of green lights, I'm hoping I'll get one tomorrow to cover a really nice feel-good story that Jeff Lyons told me about.  It would be a perfect fit for a Friday, so we'll see if I can convince the producers to let do it!  :)

Otherwise, not much else to report!  Headed to yoga now and then stopping by my parents' house to wish my dad a happy birthday! :)

Until next time,