South Spencer students give back to the community

For the 10th straight year, students in Spencer County have organized a carnival to raise money for their peers.

It's called the W.H.O.O Carnival, which stands for 'We Help Our Own,' and it's all about giving back.

Singing, dancing, painting and posing is all completely normal at least for a little while.

The organized chaos is more than just fun and games with some snacks mixed in, it's supporting a greater good.

"It raises money to help people in our community," says Breeann Yearby, a South Spencer Senior. "One year we had a guy who wrecked his motorcycle and we built him a ramp to his house."

Senior Kyle Varble says what's happening in their gym is a reflection of the Greater Spencer County Community.

"You know what's good about living in a small community where you might view it as bad that everybody knows your personal business, but I see it as a good thing because there's so many people that know how to help that way," says Varble.

So while it may be a far cry from the classroom, the hope is that there's still learning going on: a life lesson on giving back.

"We're really proud of our kids for what they do and the ideas they come up with," says Principal Angel Gladish. "For them to see it flourish and actually be useful, I think they really enjoy that and in the end they feel good inside the ultimate deed that they've done."

The carnival was even bigger this year than last year.

It usually raises around $1,215 but they tell 14 News that they think they'll beat that this year.

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