Could Evansville cold cases be solved with a deck of cards?

The new version of the Indiana Department of Corrections Cold Case Deck of Cards is being printed right now and will feature some local unsolved cases.

These are the only cards inmates in Indiana prisons can purchase. The hope is that inmates may recognize one of the 52 unsolved homicides or missing persons on the deck of cards.

Since the 1960's there are about 20 unsolved cases in Evansville. In order to be featured on the cards, Detective Tony Mayhew had to make contact with the families to get their permission.

"I went to them and talked with them about profiling these cases. They've been very cooperative and happy that these cases aren't buried, actually being worked on and the information is getting out there to the public," Det. Mayhew said.

This is the third edition of the Indiana Deck of Cards, and the first time Evansville cases will be featured on the cards.

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