Super weekend and Supercells may be on the horizon

The stars and planets have aligned, the sun will rise in the east and we will have the nicest pair of weekend days we've seen in many months.  For the first time this year, the temperature will finally peg the 70-degree mark.  It has been a long time coming….the last 70-degree temp was on December the 3rd.  Here is a look at Saturday's highs for the Midwest:


 Southerly winds will pick up, especially by Saturday afternoon with sustained speeds of 15-20 and higher gusts.  This may cause problems for fishermen and others itching to get out on the water for the first time this season.  Water temps are still in the 50's, so water skiing isn't recommended just yet.  Here is a look at the wind vectors by Saturday evening:


Of course, with southerly winds, we get moisture, and moisture in the atmosphere usually leads to rain.  In looking at tonight's models, I think the rain will be very scattered and light on Sunday.  I'm more concerned with the potential for severe weather by the middle of next week.  The Storm Prediction Center has already highlighted much of the Tri-State for a severe weather risk on Wednesday, so you should be AWARE of the severe weather threat, especially starting next week.


These longer-range outlooks will often change many times between the day they are issued and the day an event is forecast, so you'll want to check back here on the blog each day as we get the latest updates.  When we are a little closer to the event, we'll have a better handle on the expected type of severe weather and the timing & location.

Significant rainfall is also likely next week.  The latest guidance is yielding the potential for a couple of inches of rain spread over the next week.  While widespread flooding isn't likely, localized flooding may occur with any thunderstorms that get going on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here is the HPC's latest rain guidance for the Tri-State:


Chad Sewich will be updating the blog over the weekend as we analyze the data and look for trends toward our first severe weather event next week.  Have a great weekend, and don't get sunburned out there !