Free Food=Happy Reporter

After spending the first half of the week in and out ofcourtrooms, today was a very nice change of pace.  I was able to get away from federalindictments and share a much more uplifting story at an American Legion Post inMt. Vernon.  The Post won a grant fromHome Depot to have some upgrades completed. To do this, Home Depot employees from the Evansville area volunteeredtheir time off-the-clock today to help tear down old ceiling tiles, paint newdrywall and install new ceiling fans and some flooring.  The Legion has no requirement to feed thetroops while they are working, but are you surprised to hear that they've beenpreparing yummy meals all week for them? (Today was the big work day, butthey've been prepping other

days.)  Today whileI was there, they offered me a plate, and boy am I glad I said yes!  Ha! The homemade chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, corn and green beancasserole were so tasty!  Then, how couldI pass up the blackberry cobbler???  Itwas AWESOME!

Normally on the job, I don't really bite (no punintended!) when people offer freebies. There's this little thing called "payola" we try toavoid.  But, since this food was alreadymade for the rest of the group, I figured it wouldn't hurt.  So, I ended up sitting and eating with amember of the Post's Board of Directors. I'm glad I did!  Better thanstuffing a McDonald's chicken wrap down while in the car like I did yesterday,haha!!

I had to come back and put that story, and another oneabout the Blue Angels, together by about 4pm so I could get to my other office(Civic Center) for another story.  Well, let me rephrase.  It might be a story at some point down theroad, but it wasn't today.  Here's thedeal.  Earlier this week we received apublic notice the County Commissioners would be meeting in Executive Session(aka... stay out

media) about some kind of alleged misconduct involvingsomeone in the County.  I'm guessing somekind of employee(s).  So, we triedearlier this week to see if we could sneak a little info as to what was goingon.  No luck.

We decided to show up and wait outside the meeting roomto see if we could find out anything.  Irushed over to the Civic Center hoping to catch a Commissioner as they weregoing in, but I guess I missed them.

So I and ourphotographer (he was there to operate the live truck.

Yes, we were prepared! Live truck was out front ready to go in case this was big news!!) hungout in the hallway waiting to catch them on the way out.  Well, well, well.  Here's where we had the wool pulled over our eyes!!

INOW know there is a secret hallway or something to get from this meeting room to another public meetingroom.  While we were standing outside theother door, the secret meeting started and finished.  We didn't realize the Commissioners had gonedown the hidden hallway to a public County Roads hearing meeting!!  So, we had to wait until THAT was over, tosee what was going on.  That brings us to6pm (secret meeting started at 4:30). And, after all that waiting, all we were told was that they couldn't sayanything!  I had a feeling it might bethat way.  What can you do?  At least we tried, and perhaps it will comeout later.  But, turns out I spent thelast part of my day just catching up with photographer Andy.  Kind of nice to have some down time duringthe work day, so I'm not complaining! Ha!

Ok, welllll... I'm writing this from home, and I'mthinking about going to get an ice cream to enjoy.  (Because the cobbler and mini chocolate eggsI had earlier weren't enough sugar!) Hey, I already missed yoga, may as well dig the hole a little deeper,eh??

Have a great night/day/weekend (whatever time it is whenyou read this)!

Until next time,