Spelunkers will be warmer than most Tri-Staters this week

Most caves have a steady temperature of around 54 degrees.  For the next few days, you'll be warmer there than you will be in the Tri-State.  Even though we'll have more sunshine and fewer stalactites that the cave, northerly Canadian winds will drive daily temperatures down to record lows and high temps that will run about 10 degrees below the normal of 61 for this time of the year.  Here is the weather pattern responsible for the chill:


 A cold front cleared the Tri-State this morning, and in its wake, we have an unfettered north wind that will continue through the latter part of the week.  Here is the hourly temperature profile for Tuesday from the early models today.  We'll likely touch or drop below the record low of 28 degrees between 5 and 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning.


If you think this has been a chilly year, especially when compared to 2012, you would be absolutely right.  60-degree days have been in short supply, with just 6 so far in 2013.


  For March, we had normal rainfall, but the average temperature was well below the normal.


For now, bundle up or go spelunking if you want warmer conditions.  The longer-range picture has a little more spring in it:  60's by the weekend and our first 70+ readings by early next week.