Disagreement arises in investigation of Ford Center's construction books

Published: Mar. 12, 2013 at 2:11 AM CDT|Updated: Mar. 19, 2013 at 1:56 AM CDT
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A regular accountant just won't 'fit the bill' for the kind of investigation the Evansville City Council wants done on the Ford Center construction books.

Some members of the city council say they want to put to bed rumors of suspicious transactions during the Ford Center's construction.

To do that, they need to hire an independent, specialized accountant, but two council members, Missy Moseby and Jonathan Weaver, are asking why the city needs one.

When it comes to the Ford Center construction books, Council member Dr. H. Dan Adams says there are some holes in the numbers.

"Questions have come up about a capitol fund that had a bunch of money go into it, a bunch of money go out of it, and not all of it went down to zero," Dr. Adams said.

Remember the $127 million budget? The council isn't even really sure right now whether it was kept. There are issues with money paid to Ford Center project manager John Kish after the billing was complete.

Adams made a motion Monday night to hire an independent set of eyes. This person would look for any possible suspicious ways money may have been moved around, and finally, Adams says put all of the rumors to bed.

But that's exactly the problem for Council members Missy Moseby and Jonathan Weaver, who say the motion is based on a rumor.

"This is the reason I brought this up," Dr. Adams said.

Councilman Friend explained it this way, there are patterns that are just too suspicious to ignore.

In the end, Dr. Adams motion passed and the work will now begin on defining the scope of the investigation and bidding out the forensic analysis of the Ford Center's books.

Council President Connie Robinson says the job will be paid from the council's contractual services budget. There is $80,000 in that account, but the council does not expect the audit to cost nearly that much.

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