Food on the brain

Ok, I'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet!  First, my review of Los Alfaro from last night's dinner!

Let me start by saying, I cleaned my plate.  Ok, there was one little thing left, but otherwise, I devoured it all.  Los Alfaro is on the South side, kind of a hidden gem at Kentucky & Riverside.  It features South and Latin American food, as well as Mexican dishes.

I decided to try the Salvadorian Sample Platter.  I'm borrowing this photo from the restaurant's website because I forgot to take my own "before" shot yesterday.

Really yummy, especially the rice mixed with beans, the pupusa (best I can tell it's a type of tortilla-y thing with mashed beans and something else maybe inside) and the chorizo!  Then we had plantains (similar to bananas) that had been cooked in cinnamon and topped with ice cream for dessert.  Yep, I was glad I went to a yoga class yesterday to try to balance some of that out!!

The owner was the sweetest lady ever, but she told us they may have to close soon if they don't start getting more people in the door.  Their location is not the best, but as long as they are around, I will be back!  I recommend trying it out if you can!

Ok, work-wise… we ended up going ahead and running the story I shot yesterday at Vincennes Rivet about their mock papal conclave.  I also went to the "Lunch with the Governor" event at the Old Post Office downtown.  Governor Pence spoke to a crowd of about 300.  The event was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  The food looked yummy (Acropolis offered us some of the extra, but I declined!) and the dessert!  Every person got a boxed set of what I'd assume were chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  I was thinking about taking some of the extras—people just left them unopened!!

Finally, on one last food note (I guess you are sensing I'm about to go eat dinner), we had a pizza party at work today!  Actually, two pizza parties-- one for people who are here earlier, one for the night shifters.  We had Turoni's as a reward for increased web/facebook traffic (at least I think that's what it was for), and I managed to resist all day long!  Trying to be somewhat healthy (minus last night's dinner)!

Ok, time to go!  Not so short and sweet after all (as usual).  Have a great weekend!  I'm going to Ohio to catch up with some college roommates, should be fun!

Until next time,