Massachusetts man drinking his way across the state for a good cause

With each swig of a beer, Ruggere is raising money for children's cancer research.
With each swig of a beer, Ruggere is raising money for children's cancer research.

If you need a good reason to have a beer at 9:30 in the morning, Todd Ruggere has one.
"I'm drinking a Sam Adams in all 351 towns in Massachusetts and I'm doing it for charity," Ruggere said.
His latest stop was in Waltham at the Tempo Bistro.  
And with each swig, he's raising money for Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund to help with children's cancer research.
"I've always wanted to raise money for it and never really had a good idea, and I came up with this idea and everyone seems to love it," Ruggere said.
His mission: one beer a day at a different bar, in a different Massachusetts town.
At each spot, he snaps a photo with his handmade signs and posts them to his blog and Twitter page.   Waltham, Massachusetts
If he's visiting a town without a bar, he improvises.

"When I was in Plympton, it's all farms, I couldn't find anything, so I found a home that had llamas in it, so I knocked on the woman's door and said you got to let me take a picture with your llamas, so she was happy to do it," Ruggere said. 
The feedback from restaurants has been great. When he approached Tempo Bistro, they immediately wanted to help.
"I thought it was a fantastic idea. I was shocked that no one had thought to do what he was doing, and we absolutely could not say no," said a person with Tempo Bistro. 
"Some will give a check right to the charity and some offer gift cards," Ruggere said.
So far, he's raised nearly $2,000, but he hopes as his tour of the state continues, people will raise a glass and open their wallets.

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