Evansville native seen by millions in Super Bowl commercial

Matthew Alan
Matthew Alan

Did you know, during the Super Bowl commercials an Evansville native was seen by millions?

Matthew Gerbig, who now goes by Matthew Alan, had a role in the Bud Light commercial called "The Lucky Chair," also featuring Stevie Wonder.

Matt is a 1996 graduate of Reitz High and a 2000 graduate of Western Kentucky University.

He was on the speech team at both schools.

Matt's been in L.A. for a while now, but his mom and dad still live here in Evansville and all of them were anxiously waiting the commercial.

"All of a sudden my phone just started going crazy, and I looked down and I had 19 new messages in a matter of like 3 minutes," said Matt. "So, we were cheering and it was fun, it was exciting. the Super Bowl is so fun and exciting anyway and then to be a small little part of that, it was exciting, it was so exciting," he said.

Matt's mom, Karen Gerbig says Matt has been into acting from an early age, "Since he was in kindergarten he liked being in front of a microphone or acting a little bit, pretending and stuff like that," she said. "We're very proud of him. We had all the family watching last night and extended family and so forth, so yeah they were all excited. I had a lot of emails and phone calls this morning."

It's pilot season in L.A., so Matt says he's busy auditioning. He tries to come back to Evansville once or twice a year.

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