Evansville woman suspects a thief in the post office

Published: Jan. 26, 2013 at 11:52 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 26, 2013 at 11:54 PM CST
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An Evansville woman says the gift card she mailed to her granddaughter was stolen and used before it even made it out of town.

Janice Jones says her young granddaughter was anxiously looking forward to receiving her birthday card, but when it arrived in Missouri,she was less than thrilled.

"On Tuesday of this week I sent my granddaughter a birthday card with a Walmart gift card in it and I dropped it off in this mailbox," Jones said.

When the card arrived in Missouri on Thursday, the card was missing.

"She opened it and the envelope had been opened and the card was removed and it had been taped up," Jones said.

The gift card was stolen, so Janice took her receipt to Evansville's west side Walmart. She was shocked to learn that very gift card had already been used.

"They were able to track the transaction and the card had been used along with three other cards for a single purchase on the west side on the 23rd," Jones said.

She says if the post office box is as secure as officials say it is,then the suspected thief is right here in town.

"It's pretty devastating to me, the postal service is the one service you think you can rely on and I know it had to be someone in that system because it was in this mailbox," Jones said.

Janice says she contacted the post office and officials say they are looking into the matter.

We also reached out to post office officials and were unable to get a response today.

"You know it's sad because Christmas just went by and I know this probably happened to a lot of other people's packages," she said.

"I wanted people on the west side to know, that if they've shipped with items missing, they probably have the same people I have," she said.

Walmart says they can't issue a refund because the gift card was already used. So Janice said she'll wait for a response from the post office because she wants answers.

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