Evansville man helps feed hundreds in New Jersey

People in New Jersey are thankful to one Evansville man who has now fed hundreds there from the back of his truck.

Stan Gregory is a member of the Methodist Temple in Evansville and says he started travelling out east on Tuesday with several donations including meat from Dewig Meats.

He says he asked police where the most damage had occurred and was directed to Little Ferry, New Jersey. He set up a gas grill on the back of his truck and began serving residents in the disaster stricken area last week.

"One guy drives all the way out here, a church gave him the money to drive out here with all this food, and now we are getting all of this donated food from Costco. People were coming last night that hadn't eaten in three days," said Little Ferry resident, Roy Eilersten. "It's incredible for someone to actually leave the state just knowing people needed help. It was overwhelming. My mother found out, she's like there is a guy out here ready to feed us."

"I went to Brooklyn and said please tell me where to go and they led me here. So, I found you guys and we fed 150 people last night so it's really been a good thing," Gregory said.

Gregory says he had so many donations it took him more than four hours to load up.

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