Local radio host Joe Lowe passes away

Published: Oct. 15, 2012 at 12:55 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 22, 2012 at 12:55 PM CDT
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Joe Lowe (Courtesy: WOMI/WBKR)
Joe Lowe (Courtesy: WOMI/WBKR)

Sad news out of Owensboro this Monday morning, local radio personality Joe Lowe passed away from Stage 4 Cancer early this morning, less than two months after his diagnosis was revealed.

The man who co-workers and friends have been calling an icon is being remembered as someone who loved his job and the people that listened to him every morning.

14 News spoke with some of the people who knew him best as they shared their memories of Joe's 40 years in radio.

Everyone who we spoke with could only do one thing as they remembered Joe Lowe and that was to do it with a smile.

Derik Wayne Hancock works with Cromwell Radio in Owensboro and met Joe Lowe when he was a child.

He says the longtime radio personality helped him get his start in broadcasting, but he's also touched many other people.

"I consider Joe an icon," said Hancock. "Not just an icon as far as on the radio, but as a friend. He was a friend for many in this area."

Others who work there, like Joe's friend and news director Mike Chaney, emphasize the silence that's now on the airwaves.

"A big void. Some big shoes to fill for Joe," said Chaney. "We all have to do what we can and pick up the pieces and just provide the local voice that Joe would have for the community. It's all about the people of this community."

It was that community that kept Joe going, even on the days right before his diagnosis, according to WBKR and WOMI program director Moon Mullins.

"He would come in every day regardless of how bad he felt. He dragged himself in here, because he loved doing radio. He loved Owensboro, and he loved communicating with the people that listened to him every morning," said Mullins.

It's that connection with people that everyone feels will be Joe's legacy.

"There are so many people who feel like they're Joe's best friend," said Hancock. "There's a reason for that. What's that say? It speaks volumes about his personality."

Others at WOMI and WBKR say Joe's absence will be felt for many, many years.

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