Gas leak forces some residents out into the rain

Some residents on Evansville's west side are in their homes again tonight after a gas leak.
Around 30 homes were evacuated Wednesday afternoon in the Westbrook Mobile Home Park off St. Joseph Avenue.

Moline Drive was evacuated for about an hour.

The scary part is the homeowner with the dangerous gas leak says he didn't report it for weeks.

It started as a normal day on Moline Drive until Vectren crews arrived.

"He stepped one foot in the door and he said, 'Yeah, you got a big time gas leak,'" said tenant Dave Robertson.

The entire block was evacuated immediately, and residents were forced out of their homes in the pouring rain.

"I was scared. I didn't know what was going on, so I thought I better go. So, that's what I did," said next door neighbor, Bill Schuler.

Vectren officials say the leak was coming from a broken fuel line inside the mobile home.

The owner of the home, Thomas Hall, says the repair crew told him he is lucky there wasn't an explosion.

"I'm a smoker. I've been smoking up a storm. I think I'm lucky to be alive, real lucky," Hall said.

Hall says he smelled something funny for weeks and thought it could be a gas leak, but didn't report it.

Recently, Hall said he had his trailer sprayed for bugs and thought that might be the smell.

Now, Hall has this advice. Pick up the phone.

"Call them anyway. It ain't gonna cost you nothing, and it might save your life or your neighbors," Hall said.

Vectren officials say always air on the side of caution and that inspections are indeed free.

But, before you make that phone call, Vectren says get out of your home. The simple spark from using a phone or even turning on a light, can cause an explosion.

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