Six-year-old battling brain cancer meets country music star


OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Owensboro's Big O Music Fest drew big crowds, and served as the backdrop of a special meeting between a little girl with brain cancer and a major country music star.

That little girl is six-year-old Harlie Bryant. Last year, her parents say she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor following a weak eye exam.

Over the past year, her parents say she has been put through surgery and chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor, but for the time being, they say they just want her to enjoy her childhood.

Yesterday, that included getting to meet country music star, Blake Shelton.

Thousands flooded Owensboro's Big O Music Festival on Saturday to get a glimpse of some of country music's biggest stars.
It was especially exciting for Harlie.
"I'm gonna meet Blake Shelton," Harlie said. 
Last year, Harlie was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.
"April the first of last year, we found out that she had a brain tumor about the size of a softball. We've been doing chemo for the last year. We stopped in May because the chemo was not exactly working like it should," Lisa said, Harlie's mother. 
Harlie's parents, Lisa and Jamie, say the diagnosis was shocking to say the least.
"You hear about this for other kids, you know, on TV and stuff like that. And you say, you know, 'not my kid.' You don't ever want to hear the words, from a doctor, saying that your kid's got brain cancer," Harlie's father, Jamie said.
Jamie and Lisa say Harlie has been remarkably brave and resilient throughout her surgeries and chemo treatments.
And thanks to social media, they say country music star, Blake Shelton, took notice.
"Jamie just randomly tweeted something about Harlie to Blake, and there was like 8,000 retweets about it. He finally got a hold of it and that's when he said he wanted to see her," Lisa said.
Shelton arranged a private meet and greet with Harlie at the festival. Afterward, Harlie was short on words, but her smile said everything.
"Well, he went to go see us for a little bit, then we left. It was fun," Harlie said.
Jamie and Lisa say Harlie will now have an MRI done every three months. If the tumor doesn't grow any larger in the next year, she will undergo proton-radiation treatment.
"And hopefully, by then, we'll get it cured," Lisa said.
To find out more about Harlie's story, check out the Hope For Harlie website. There you can purchase merchandise or simply make donations to help the Bryant family pay their medical expenses.

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