Parent speaks out about evidence she gave EVSC weeks ago

(Jordan McGuire. Source: Horry Co., SC Jail)
(Jordan McGuire. Source: Horry Co., SC Jail)

A parent tells 14 News she feels betrayed by how the EVSC handled the case of a high school teacher.

The parent says she provided evidence to prove the allegations against former Harrison teacher Jordan McGuire, and the school system did nothing.

This parent is a mother of seven. She has two daughters, who were students of McGuire's at Harrison High School. She met with the police chief and the county prosecutor Tuesday night before talking with 14 News and showing evidence that she says she gave EVSC Officials a few weeks ago.

"He's a very charismatic individual," said parent Angela Wilkison.

Wilkison says McGuire brought a lot of energy to the music department at Harrison High School. She thought he had a very promising career.

"My heart breaks that he made such poor choices. He's so young. He's thrown his life away," said Wilkison.

Wilkison took information she says she has to the Evansville Police Department Tuesday night. The same information, she says she provided to EVSC Officials, several weeks ago.

"I described in detail what I was told as far as the alcohol being purchased. I described in detail what I was told happened sexually," said Wilkison.

Wilkison says the information was told to her by several witnesses, all afraid to come forward themselves. She also says she gave EVSC Officials a text message given to her that contains a conversation between McGuire and a former Harrison student talking about buying alcohol and describing the alleged sex act between McGuire and the 18-year-old victim.

"It took me a couple of weeks to convince these kids to come forward with these allegations because they're scared. What young man wants to admit that something like this potentially happened to him," said Wilkison.

Wilkinson says an EVSC Official told her to keep her mouth shut or she could be sued. EVSC Spokesperson Marsha Jackson says the school system didn't believe the text message contained credible information because it was from a third party and the name on it was not someone directly involved in the case.

"I'm concerned. We're going to look at our policies and we're going to work with the Evansville City Police, Dr. Smith and his staff is going to be meeting with them and I think you'll see we're working together to make sure these kinds of things, if they happen, that we deal with them appropriately," said EVSC Board President Mike Duckworth.

"I want the EVSC to personally, not send out a letter, I want them to personally apologize to every child that this man has touched this year as far as teaching," said Wilkison.

McGuire is still in a South Carolina Jail Tuesday night. Police say it could be a few weeks before he's brought back to Indiana.

14 News will keep you updated on this story.

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