Conflicting information about arrest of high school teacher

The arrest of a former high school teacher has police and the EVSC giving different accounts of what happened.

Evansville Police say the school system knew about the alleged inappropriate behavior between former Harrison teacher Jordan McGuire and a former student, but never notified the department. School officials say, that's not the case.

The drama behind the arrest of 24-year-old Jordan McGuire could be more intense than the musical he was planning to stage. McGuire was the former music teacher at Harrison High School. He was arrested, while on spring break in South Carolina, for allegedly giving alcohol to a minor, back in January, and allegedly performing oral sex on a former Harrison student.

"This interaction between Mr. McGuire and this victim began as a direct result of a school function," said Sgt. Jason Cullum with the EPD.

Cullum says the 18-year-old victim, who is a Harrison graduate and never a student of McGuire's, met McGuire when he came back to the school to help put on the musical. Police say one night, the victim and two other males between the ages of 18 and 20 were hanging out with McGuire at an Evansville apartment. That's where Cullum says the group started playing a drinking game with alcohol McGuire furnished.

Authorities say one of the young men became so intoxicated, he passed out. That's when, police say, McGuire removed the young man's pants.

"The Evansville Police Department was notified of the incident by the victim and his father, not by any school personnel," said Cullum.

Authorities say the school was aware of the incident and are questioning why EVSC officials weren't the ones to report the incident to police allowing them to investigate.

"When we learned of that allegation, this was an act between two adults and we did not see that as something that could be considered criminal," said Marsha Jackson with the EVSC.

School officials say they investigated and McGuire resigned within 48 hours of learning about the alleged incident. But authorities say something of this nature needed to be investigated by police.

"Anytime you're in a situation where you're responsible for the safety of hundreds of children, you need to be forthcoming and you need to make sure there aren't other victims," said Prosecutor Nick Hermann.

Police say some current students have come forward saying McGuire sent them inappropriate text messages. They say if there are other victims out there, those victims should contact police.

There's no word on when McGuire will be brought back to Indiana. 14 News will keep you updated.

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