UPDATE: Former Harrison High School teacher arrested

Evansville police say they have arrested a former Harrison High School teacher.  24-year-old Jordan Lee McGuire was arrested on March 30 at a hotel in South Carolina.

McGuire is charged with criminal sexual deviate conduct and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Police say the investigation began after the alleged 18-year-old victim was interviewed by Holly's House. The victim is a former Harrison High School student but had not been a student of McGuire's.

During the investigation it was revealed that in January, McGuire is alleged to have purchased alcohol for several underage individuals.  Police say the group then played a drinking game.

Investigators said that according to witnesses the victim passed out from drinking too much.  That's when the alleged sexual misconduct happened.  Police said that the witnesses stepped in and stopped McGuire's actions.

The victim was informed about what had happened the next day.  Police say that the victim did not tell anyone about what happened until March.

Officials say that the victim's mother found out about what had happened and went to the Harrison High School administration.  The EVSC Chief of Staff was also made aware of the allegation.

Investigators say McGuire was contacted by EVSC officials and was allowed to resign from his teaching position.

Authorities say that neither Harrison High School or the EVSC administration contacted police about the alleged criminal acts involving McGuire.

Police say they were notified to the allegations after the victim's father contacted them because he was unhappy with the way the school responded.

Police say they have also received information that McGuire sent inappropriate text messages to current students as far back as October 2011.

Evansville Police are asking anyone with information about inappropriate behavior or interactions with students by McGuire to contact them.


According to a statement released from the EVSC.

The EVSC had learned through a telephone call that McGuire allegedly had supplied alcohol to minors at a party in January. These individuals were not high school students.

When the allegation of supplying alcohol to minors came to light, McGuire was not in school on March 19, 20, and 21, and returned for a requested conference with EVSC officials later on March 21, when he confirmed the allegation of supplying alcohol and submitted his resignation.

The EVSC was in contact with an Evansville Police Department officer the following morning, March 22; and learned at that time from police that there had been a text message to a student, but police had determined not to act on it.

On March 23, two days after McGuire's resignation for supplying alcohol, the 18-year-old male victim was interviewed at Holly's House. The EVSC learned of this separate report from the EPD.

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