KY woman charged with animal cruelty still owns animals


The Henry County woman accused of hoarding hundreds of animals went before a judge Monday morning.

Last month, police found more than 200 animals living in horrible conditions inside a Cambellsburg home. The animals are currently with rescue groups and in foster homes as the county works to get permanent custody, so they can adopt them out.

"Right now the county has custody of the animals, but Ms. (Terri) Smith and Ms. (Karen) Nellums still legally own the animals," said Dan Flinkfelt, Director of Henry and Trimble Animal Shelter and Control.

Terri Smith is facing more than 200 counts of animal cruelty. Karen Nellums lived with Smith and is facing 10 counts.

Flinkfelt said Smith still wants some of the animals back.

"Her lawyer is going to be contacting our district attorney with a list of the animals that she wishes to have back, but again that's all part of the plea bargain process," said Flinkfelt.

Flinkfelt does not, however, believe she should get any of them back and says they are going to continue with the charges to "make a statement."

"It was one of the worst cases that I have seen, and the animals were just in horrific shape," said Flinkfelt.

Smith's husband, Kenneth, was also charged with 200 counts. He bonded out and police say took his own life not long after. Smith declined an interview because of his death.

All parties will be back in court February 20 for a pretrial conference.

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