Hancock Co Sheriff: Neighbor won't face charges for shooting two dogs


HANCOCK CO., KY (WFIE) - Two dog owners in Hancock County believe their neighbor is taking advantage of a Kentucky law involving animals.

The Walker family is grieving the loss of two pets killed on Christmas Day. As Western Kentucky reporter Jasmin Embers has learned, this isn't the first time pets have been killed in the area.

Dog Owner John Walker says, "I went out in the garage and opened the door and she got away from me. Instantly both were running downhill."

Dolly, a year-old great Pyrenees, and four-month Abby, a German Shepard, always played on John and Pam Walker's property.

However, on Christmas Day...

John says, "One of the neighbor kids called my son and said I think your dog is laying in the field dead."

The Walkers couldn't believe what they found just feet away from a neighbor's property.

John says, "Her collar was here, her name tag hanging, and shot her right there. He put a hole in her. "

John says his neighbor shot and killed both dogs. Abby was found dead on the neighbor's property and Dolly was found dead on the road.

14 News talked with that neighbor. He didn't want to go on camera, but he tells 14 News the dogs were chasing his chickens and even had pinned a few down, and that's why he fired.

John says, "They wouldn't hurt anything they herd. Abby was four-months-old and couldn't catch one, why would you kill them over a chicken?"

However, the neighbor claims this wasn't the first time the dogs made it onto his property. About a week ago, the Hancock County Dog Warden was called to the home to help round up two dogs they believed were Abby and Dolly, but they weren't able to catch the animals to check the tags.

The sheriff's office says John's neighbor has shot and killed several other dogs on his property in the past.

According to a Kentucky law (KRS 258.235) property owners do have the right to protect their property and animals if threatened or damaged.

However, John says shooting the dogs could have been avoided, and if the dogs did harm his neighbor's livestock, they could have worked it out.

John says, "The incredible part to me is how can you just walk out on your back porch and just start shooting dogs?"

The neighbor is not facing any criminal charges for shooting the dogs.

To read more on Kentucky law 258.235, click here. (PDF)