KY town declares State of Emergency

Published: Dec. 6, 2011 at 2:33 AM CST|Updated: Dec. 13, 2011 at 2:33 AM CST
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A State of Emergency is declared in Uniontown, Kentucky after pumps that keep water out of the town failed.

The pumps move water through the hoses and out to the other side of the levee to keep the water out of town.

Right now, one of the pumps is broken and water has been flooding local streets and roads.

Monday was a stressful day for Jackie Powell at Hannah's Place Diner in Uniontown. She's been worried about her co-worker.

"She lives up on top of the hill, you drop down she lives right there. She thought it would break and she would look out her door and everything would be underwater," Powell says.

Officials say the town has been pounded with rain, four inches in a 24 hour period. Two and half inches of that came down within two hours.

While the rain is enough to cause its own flooding, officials say the problem grew when the two pumps were found to be broken on Sunday. Since then one has been fixed and is now working.

Powell is also hoping for no more rain, because right now with that one fixed pump no homes are believed to be in danger.

"I'm very grateful they got it fixed," Powell says.

The good news is, no homes are believed to be in danger but homeowners are asked to be vigilant.

If you're not familiar with Uniontown, it's the lowest spot in Union County and officials say within the last 24 hours, they've received nearly 4 inches of rain.

Officials say they've repaired one of the broken pumps but the other still isn't working

They say a state of emergency is just a procedure they go through but officials still they're still worried about run-off that may make it to town.

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