KSP: Lack of sleep could be dangerous for holiday travelers

Who needs sleep when there's so much to do?

This is the attitude of so many during the holidays, and unfortunately, the lack of sleep doesn't hit them until they hit the road.

No matter you're Thanksgiving plans, and no matter the preparation for hitting the highway, there's still one major thing drivers often overlook.

"It's often times compared to someone who is extremely drunk," says Trooper Cory King with Kentucky State Police.

It's fatigued driving, and law enforcement says it's very common during the holidays when the hustle and bustle of shopping and family visits replaces sleep.

Law enforcement will have extra officers patrolling, looking for speeders, drunk drivers, and even sleepy drivers.

"One thing we look at is swerving and weaving back and forth."

KSP says it's hard to track accidents caused by fatigue for one main reason.

"No one ever wants to admit to falling asleep," says King.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says over 55,000 accidents happen each year due to fatigued driving, and they say most of those could be prevented just by getting a good night's sleep.

"Some cross the center lane and go head on with other vehicles."

If you feel worn out at the wheel, KSP suggests stopping for a nap, running around your vehicle, switching drivers, and having snacks and caffinated drinks on hand. these tips can't beat a good night's sleep though.

Kentucky State Police also started enforcing their "Click It or Ticket" campaign to help keep travelers safe this week.

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