14 News App Support and FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the 14 News app.  This page is meant to help you work through some of the common issues with the 14 News App.  If you have any other problems, email us at newsdesk@14news.com.  We will respond promptly.

How do I turn push notifications on or off?

To turn push notifications on or off, go to My View>Settings.

I want to send in a story idea, how do I do that?

To submit a news story or photo, go to My Report>Contribute.

My app doesn't seem to be refreshing.

In iDevices, drag the screen down.

In Android, hit your list key on the phone, then "Refresh."

How do I move the Interactive Radar to where I am?

If you hit the bullseye on the radar screen, you will be able to enable your location settings.  That will make the radar move with you.


How do I change my radar location?

Press the home icon in the upper right hand corner of your app. 

How do I change which weather alerts push to my phone?

Click the "i" icon in the upper right hand corner of your app. There you can toggle alerts on and off.

If you have any more questions, email us a newsdesk@14news.com.