Heather Teague Still Missing After Eight Years

Published: Aug. 26, 2003 at 10:30 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 28, 2003 at 11:20 PM CDT
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Police wanted to question Marvin Dill, but he shot himself.
Police wanted to question Marvin Dill, but he shot himself.

Reporter: Rhanda Stewart

Web Producer: Kerry Corum

It was exactly eight years ago, that a young western Kentucky woman disappeared.

It was 1995, and a witness told police he saw a man drag Heather Teague, at gunpoint, from an Ohio River beach near Spottsville.

She was never seen again.

Since then, Heather's mother Sara has done everything in her power to find out what happened.

Sara says there isn't a day that goes by, that she doesn't worry about what happened to her daughter.

She says, "Because we don't have a body, there is still hope. And yet, since we haven't seen her still, it's really hard."

Last week, she put purple ribbons all over Newburgh Beach, as a reminder that Heather is still missing.

Year after year, the purple ribbons go up but Sara says this will be the last year for the ribbons, because she says Heather is coming home. She says, "The ribbons. I told my kids this year, this will be the last year we hang ribbons. Heather's coming home and I'm just claming and believing we won't have to go another day. That's what I'm praying and hoping."

Teague says it doesn't get any easier with passing years. "It gets harder every year I see my children growing up without her."

Since Heather's disappearance, both Sara and investigators have received several tips in the ongoing investigation.

A witness says he saw Heather grabbed at gunpoint by a man, and dragged into the woods.

Soon afterward, Kentucky State Police went to question possible suspect, Marvin Dill, after a vehicle matching his, was caught on video tape by a farmer in the area.

Dill refused to come out of his home, then shot himself before police could question him.

Teague's mother says an artist sketch of the suspect the witness saw, looks identical to Marvin Dill's picture.

Sara says, "This is the first week in eight-years I haven't called them. I called them the week before last, and asked them one more time to please, tell me why they didn't take any finger prints or hair from Heather's things."

Kentucky State Police Detectives say the case is still open, and they continue to check out any tips they receive, but so far they don't have the answer Sara Teague is looking for.

Trooper Mark Applin tells us, "I know how disheartening this can be for her family, not knowing if your child is alive or deceased. But we're doing as much as we possibly can, on information we receive."