Evansville woman attacked by dogs

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Four pitbulls attacked a woman in Evansville Friday morning sending her to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police say 48-year-old Darlene Harrison was out for a walk when the dogs attacked her.

It happened around 7:30 in the 1300 block of South Kentucky Avenue.

Police say they shot and killed two of the dogs and the other two ran away.

Charles Morehead lives just a few feet from where the attack took place. In fact, it happened in his neighbor's driveway. He says it was the sound of barking dogs that woke him.

"I got up and looked out and in the driveway there was a woman on the ground with pit bulls mauling her. All I knew to do was call 911, I didn't want to shoot at them, afraid I'd shoot her," Morehead says.

Police tell 14 News that none of the dogs were wearing collars.

"I've had trouble with dogs running loose before with my dog over in the park," Morehead says.

"In a lot of these neighborhoods there are a lot of pit bulls that run around and anytime you see one that's running free you need to let us know," EPD's Karen Kajmowicz says.

A dog owner himself, Morehead says it was hard to watch police shoot the pit bulls, but says they were out of control.

"I don't like it but it had to be done. They weren't going to get off of her. It's a danger. Danger to me I know, danger to her. She'll never be the same," Morehead says.

Police say a quick response made for the positive outcome.

"Officers were here within a minute of when the first call came in so they were on scene pretty quick," Kojmowicz says.

"Those officers they were just outstanding you know," Morehead says.

Police called off the search this morning after finding two dogs they don't believe were connected to the attack.

They say if you ever see a dog running freely, to call 911 and to keep in mind any breed of dog can attack.

Police tell 14 News that none of the dogs were wearing collars.

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