How to heal your dry winter skin

Posted by Kelsey Wheatcroft - email

(NBC) - Winter is here and that means dry skin for many of us, but dermatologists say you don't have to suffer.

Doctors say the first skin fix is learning to love a warm shower, instead of a hot one. The hot water leaches the oil out of our skin.

The second thing is moisturize while your skin is still a little wet.

Dermatologist Eric Bernstein says, "Later in the day, when you're out of the shower, and your skin's not all hot, we use something called Am Lactin. It's great for that crocodile skin in the winter. It's an alpha hydroxide. It's a cousin of glycolic acid. Am Lactin is over the counter in almost every drugstore. It's awesome!"

Don't use it right out of the shower, or it may sting.

For cracked skin, try Aquaphor, it works to seal up cracked skin.

Prescription face creams like Retina can be extra drying in the winter, so consider cutting back to every other day if you use them.