EVSC students need their required vaccinations

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The EVSC is taking a close look at Student Health Records since school is back in session to make sure every student has received the required shots.

The EVSC has been preparing for the first day back even before school let out in the spring.

Officials tried to make parents aware of new vaccination requirements for grades six through 12.

EVSC Spokesperson Marsha Jackson says, "We did connect ED messages, we sent home information, the Health Department held clinics. I don't think we got everybody, but we did make a fair stab at it."

Health officials worried all summer long that there would be many students returning to school without being immunized.

EVSC nurses will be going over those records in the next couple of weeks to see just how many students didn't get their immunizations.

"Letters will go home to parents whose children are deficient in a certain immunization," says Jackson.

If that doesn't work a second warning will arrive a couple of weeks after that.

"At that point, they would get a letter saying their child would not be allowed to come to school unless their child was immunized," says Jackson.

The Health Department says that parents may be putting off immunizations until they get those letters. The Health Department held clinics at the Centre just last week, but say turnout was light, with only a few hundred people showing up.

"It's a concern, because it's not just about the individual, it's about the risk they put on everyone else by not being immunized," says Jackson.

The good news is that walk-in clinics were busy the day before school.

Officials hope many other students go into their family doctor, giving immunization rates a last minute shot in the arm.

Walk-in clinics are still available at the Health Department.

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