Donald & Marilyn Reuber -

"When the tree limb came through the roof (12-27-08) the adjuster brought James with him to assess the damage and my husband asked him if he would consider fixing the damage. James was honest and up front with us. When  Ohio Valley Construction finished the bedroom it looked beautiful"

"When another tree came through the roof (1-28-09), on the other side of the house, I was in shock and didn't know which way to turn. We called James again and he took control of the situation. Again he was honest and up front with us and kept us informed as to what was going on."

Joseph Renner -

"Ohio Valley seemed ready to meet our family's needs with genuine concern and was very up front about cost. I am very happy with my new home and all evidence of fire damage is gone. Ohio Valley Construction was very helpful in helping me make decisions on cost."


- "Honesty above all, general knowledge, and pride in their work"

- "Personal service and Professional results"