Solutions to Kentucky’s Workforce Crisis Led by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Foundation

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Currently, Kentucky has two open jobs for every individual looking for work.

For years, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce heard from its members that their number one challenge was finding candidates with the right skills for their company’s most critical jobs.

Kentucky is well-positioned for tremendous economic growth, but the state’s goals are out of reach without qualified workers to fill key vacancies.

Building a workforce that meets employers’ needs now, and in the future, requires direct input from business leaders on what critical positions they need to fill and what training or education is required to fill them.

The Solution: Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Talent Pipeline Management Program

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation is spearheading innovative approaches to solving the workforce shortage, working with companies in top industries to train and place talent through its Talent Pipeline Management program.

TPM®️ is a consistent method of bringing business, education, and workforce partners together to create and sustain the high-quality workforce needed for Kentucky’s continued economic prosperity.

Kentucky’s Talent Pipeline has a network of over 300 business leaders that are working together to build stronger talent pipelines across the Commonwealth. Additionally, in the four years of the program, the Kentucky Chamber Foundation has helped to connect over 4,000 Kentuckians to jobs and training opportunities.

Using supply chain management concepts, TPM®️ provides a systematic approach to collaboratively build and manage talent pipelines to ensure Kentuckians are trained, developed, and upskilled for employers’ most critical jobs.

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Center has a team of project managers aligned to nine TPM collaboratives representing Kentucky’s key and signature industries including manufacturing, agriculture and equine, construction, healthcare, education, distilling, logistics, energy, and IT and business services. Each team member is tasked with managing and convening these industry collaboratives to develop solutions and career pathways most needed to support Kentucky’s economy.

Specifically, in the healthcare industry, TPM®️ has worked to convene a diverse pool of over 70 employers ranging from hospitals to long-term care facilities, bringing alignment to help expand healthcare pipelines across the state.

Through the TPM®️ process, employers identified a two-year demand for more than 1,800 registered nurses. As employers reviewed the many barriers that contributed to the nursing shortage, they found that nursing students could not complete their programs due to a lack of clinical rotation sites. To address this barrier, TPM® employers, education partners, and the Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Center developed a partnership with CastleBranch, a clinical scheduling software, to standardize the scheduling process and increase the availability of more rotation sites for nursing students. This workforce solution has helped more than 1,600 nursing students to date.

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Center helps employers better solve their talent needs. Contact a team member in your industry today at

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