Merge launches Blueprint, an AI-powered tool for adding integrations to Merge's Unified APIs

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 8:00 AM CDT

Blueprint accelerates building product integrations using LLMs

SAN FRANCISCO, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Merge, a Product Integrations Platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of Blueprint, an innovative AI-powered tool that speeds up the development process for Unified APIs. Blueprint uses AI to read API documentation and automatically start building an integration to one of Merge's seven Unified APIs. Blueprint supports popular categories of software APIs, including accounting, CRM, file storage, HR, marketing, recruiting, and ticketing systems. With the launch of this tool, anyone can contribute to Merge's Unified APIs and accelerate the development of integrations offered through Merge's platform.

Blueprint is the latest addition to Merge's suite of tools for Unified APIs. Unified APIs make it easy for developers to add customer-facing integrations using clean, normalized data and a comprehensive suite of developer tools. By leveraging the power of AI, Blueprint empowers technical and non-technical teams at companies that use Merge's APIs to accelerate the offering of additional integrations. Blueprint automatically generates a detailed API definition (i.e., a blueprint) that is the first step to implementing integrations using a Unified API.

Merge Co-Founder and CTO, Gil Feig, commented, "We are excited to introduce Blueprint to the development community. This AI-powered feature embodies our commitment to simplifying the API development process and enables anyone to contribute to Merge's Unified APIs."

Anyone can use Blueprint right away by simply providing a documentation link to the API they're interested in adding to their product. Blueprint uses a series of LLMs to analyze the API structure and translate it to common data schemas that make up a Unified API. Blueprint's output includes the API definition, standardized data models, and fields necessary for a developer to build scalable integrations in their own app. Developers, product managers, and founders have an opportunity to request that Merge take their API definition and add it to Merge's Unified APIs. Blueprint is available now in beta.

Blueprint represents Merge's continued investment in AI, as the company already supports hundreds of AI-powered software companies with customer data from Unified APIs. Companies such as Gong, Ramp, Lucid, Peoplelogic, and FutureFit AI connect business data on behalf of their customers using B2B integrations from Merge.

About Merge:

Merge is a Product Integrations Platform that offers a suite of Unified APIs and tools for integration management. Developers quickly add multiple integrations with Unified APIs and give their customers access to over 180 accounting, CRM, file storage, HR, marketing, recruiting, and ticketing integrations. Merge is backed by $75 million in funding from Accel, NEA, and Addition. Merge was founded in 2020 by Shensi Ding and Gil Feig and is proudly built in San Francisco and New York City.

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