COVID-19, school funding hot topics in 1st Indiana governor debate

COVID-19 and funding for Hoosier schools were hot topics during the Indiana gubernatorial debate Tuesday night.

  Early voters see big turnout in Warrick Co.

  EVPL locations open for early voting

  Henderson event celebrates 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote

  Almost 7,000 votes already cast in Daviess Co.

  McGrath makes stop in Madisonville

  Senator Mitch McConnell stops in Henderson

Continued Coverage

  Daviess Co. witnessing high turnout from in-person voting

  Court stops 10-day extension of Indiana absentee ballots

  Kentucky celebrates first day of in-person early voting

  Early voting starting in Kentucky; locations and times listed here

Tri-State IN and KY voting locations

  McConnell and McGrath debate over COVID-19, term limits in race for Senate

  Senate candidate Amy McGrath makes campaign stop in Owensboro

Democratic senatorial candidate Amy McGrath paid a visit to Owensboro this weekend to continue her battle on the campaign trail. She’s facing off against long-time Republican Senator Mitch McConnell this November.

  Last day to request Kentucky mail-in ballot, early voting starts Tues.

Many are planning to vote by mail this election due to the pandemic.

  Local IN counties seeing large number of early voters

Early voting in Vanderburgh County started on Tuesday, and the county clerk says they have already had more than 1,100 people stop by the office to cast their ballot.

Fly on Pence’s head generates buzz in VP debate

A fly was all the buzz online when it landed in Vice President Mike Pence’s hair during the debate.

  Evansville’s NAACP offering voter education & training starting Thursday

  Indiana Attorney General candidates visit Vanderburgh County

Indiana early voting locations and times

  Vanderburgh Co. Democrats hosting early vote rally outside of Old National Events Plaza

  Early voting starts Tuesday in Indiana

  Monday is last day to register to vote in Indiana and Kentucky, early voting starts Tues. in Indiana

  County officials clarify concerns of voting by mail

Election Day is now just 32 days away, and some voters are already receiving absentee ballots in the mail.As we know, this is an election year like no other, especially when it comes to voting by mail. So it was a little alarming for some residents in Vanderburgh County when the envelope carrying t

Owensboro looking for young poll workers for Election Day

The Chamber Young Professionals in Owensboro is looking for 200 poll workers for Election Day.

  Owensboro’s Rooster Booster Breakfast hosts candidate forums

The Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce held two forums for the Owensboro Mayoral Race, as well as the Kentucky House of Representatives.

  Kentucky voter registration deadline approaches

Kentucky’s early voting begins on October 13, but there are some deadlines approaching that you need to know if you want your vote to count.

  Early voting to start in Indiana on October 6

You can cast your vote early for this election starting next week in Indiana.

The only debate moderator to return, Fox’s Wallace preps

Four years ago when he first moderated a general election presidential debate, Chris Wallace was firm and funny in trying to get Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to stop talking simultaneously.

How Trump, Biden are preparing for first presidential debate

For some, the debates represent the most important moments in the 2020 campaign’s closing days, a rare opportunity for millions of voters to compare the candidates' policies and personalities side-by-side on prime-time television.

  Dropbox not an option for absentee ballots in Warrick Co.

If you’re voting absentee in Warrick County the ‘new’ dropbox location is no longer an option.

Early voting begins in Illinois

State election officials are expected to send out almost 2 million ballots to voters who have requested to vote by mail in the November General Election.

  Voting plans in place ahead of election in Daviess Co.

It’s National Voter Registration Day. County officials have released its Election Day and voting plans.

Vanderburgh County releases voting center locations for Election Day

Officials released the voting centers for the 2020 Election Day.

  Evansville has new location for early voting

State law requires each county to establish an early voting place for residents.

  Henderson Co. Clerk releases information about voting options, locations

The Henderson County Clerk’s Office posted some information about voting options on its Facebook page

  Absentee ballot applications cause confusion to both parties

Vanderburgh County Clerk Carla Hayden says much confusion is being caused by both the local Republican and Democratic parties.

  Daviess Co. election officials on the search for polling places

The Daviess County Board of Elections has its sights set on being ready for the November 3 election. County officials are on the hunt for locations willing to host voters.

More than 1M people have applied for mail-in voting in Illinois

The record number of people applying for mail-in voting has left election officials scrambling to adjust and take appropriate measures due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including hiring more staff members.

  Daviess Co. Clerk’s Office discovers 66 unrecorded ballots

The discovery comes after a discrepancy in the numbers from a state audit. The Daviess County Clerk's Office was one of six in Kentucky selected for that audit.

  Hopkins Co. releases early voting locations & times

We are 63 days away from Election Day, we are learning more about how residents can vote in Hopkins County.

  Amy McGrath stops in Henderson with former NBA player, Rex Chapman, Monday

McGrath plans to discuss her “Mission: Rebuild Kentucky” plan alongside former NBA player and recovery advocate, Rex Champman.

  Warrick Co. votes to open more satellite location for early voting

The Warrick County Election Board voted Friday to open additional satellite locations for early voters this fall.

  Senator McConnell talks one on one with Randy Moore

McConnell says Republicans and Democrats are in a stalemate on economic stimulus because we are getting so close to the election.

  Amy McGrath visits voters in Muhlenberg Co. on Friday

The former Marine Corps pilot flew herself into the Muhlenberg County Airport on Friday morning before meeting with local voters to discuss her new campaign platform - Mission: Rebuilding Kentucky.

  Daviess Co. officials address November election

After receiving an emergency regulation from the state election board, Daviess County election officials met to discuss planning for the upcoming election.

  Vanderburgh Co. receives new voting machines

When you make your way to your polling location for the general election, you’ll notice new machines that the county clerk says cost just over $2 million.

  KY officials release details on voting procedures for general election

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and Secretary of State Michael Adams announced a bipartisan agreement that provide details on how Kentuckians will be able to vote during the upcoming general election in November.

  Grand jury takes no action in Daviess Co. voter fraud investigation

A Daviess County Grand Jury did not take action in the voter fraud investiation we told you about earler in the week.

  Amy McGrath makes stop in Owensboro this weekend

This visit was all part of McGrath’s ongoing efforts to expand voting access, as she kicks off her voter registration initiative. The outreach includes historically disenfranchised Kentuckians.

  McGrath wins Democratic Senate nomination in Kentucky

One week after the highly-anticipated Kentucky Primary, Amy McGrath won the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination in the Commonwealth, as first reported by 14 News Tuesday morning.

McGrath wins Kentucky Dem primary; McConnell showdown awaits

Former Marine pilot Amy McGrath overcame a bumpier-than-expected Kentucky primary to win the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination Tuesday, fending off progressive Charles Booker to set up a bruising, big-spending showdown with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

  Still no full results a week after Kentucky’s primary

The clerk tells us the process of counting absentee ballots involves many steps to ensure the count is accurate.

  Polls open for Kentucky Primary

Polling locations across Kentucky opened at 6 a.m. for in person voting for this year’s primary election.

  Henderson County prepared for primary elections on Tuesday

The polls are opening bright and early for the Kentucky primaries on Tuesday morning. This year there are far fewer polls open in Kentucky due to COVID-19.

  KY sends PPE to all 120 counties ahead of state’s primary election

Before Kentuckians take to the polls on Tuesday, the state is making sure plenty of personal protective gear is available for voters and poll volunteers.

  Kentucky state primary set for Tues.

It was originally scheduled for May 19 but was delayed until Tuesday due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  Former Evansville Mayor wins Democratic Party seat for Attorney General

Former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel will represent the Indiana Democratic Party in the race for Attorney General this fall.

  Woman accused of mailing checked off ballot requests makes court appearance

The woman accused of causing around 300 rejected ballot requests in Vanderburgh County has pleaded not guilty.

  Last day for Hopkins County mobile voting center

Friday is the last day to vote early in Hopkins County mobile center.

  In-person voting starts in Henderson Co. for primary election

Officials with the Henderson County Clerk’s Office say you can begin voting in-person at the courthouse Monday.

  Some IN primary results are in

There are some changes in the voting process due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

  Voters show out for primary election day in Indiana

Indiana’s primary election kicks off bright and early Tuesday morning with polls opening at 6 a.m.

  Tuesday is primary day in Indiana

Hoosiers will head to the polls on Tuesday for the Indiana primary

  Henderson Chamber of Commerce hosting candidates forum

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce will begin hosting a candidates forum for those who will be on the primary ballot on Friday.

  Henderson Co. shares voting plans for next month’s primary election

Henderson County Clerk Renesa Abner was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Henderson on Thursday to discuss plans for the upcoming primary election.

  Thurs. is last day to request mail-in absentee ballot in Indiana

Thursday is the last day for voters to request a mail-in an absentee ballot in Indiana.

  Over 700 residents cast ballots at mobile voting unit in Hopkins Co.

Hopkins County officials say the mobile voting unit is their way of keeping voters safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Early voting in Vanderburgh Co. starts May 26

Early voting in Vanderburgh county will start on Tuesday, May 26, according to the Vanderburgh Co. clerk.

  Hopkins Co. utilizing ‘voting truck’ for KY primary election

For a 10-day period, Hopkins County Clerk Keenan Cloern says the mobile voting unit will be mobilized from city to city, starting and ending in Madisonville.

  Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson announces re-election campaign

Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson made the announcement to run for re-election by posting a video on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon.

IL Primary results show wins in local races

In local primary races, Republican Duane Lear won for Edwards County Commissioner, Republican Kelli Storckman won for Wabash County State’s Attorney, and Republican Shaun Keepes won for Wabash County Coroner.

  Illinois voters head to polls Tues. despite COVID-19 threat

State officials chose to continue their primary election despite the ongoing threat of coronavirus.

  5 questions for next Democratic debate, Mike Bloomberg’s 1st

There’s a new kid in town for the ninth Democratic debate, Mike Bloomberg, the self-funding billionaire presidential candidate.

  DJ Johnson announces campaign for State Representative

On Thursday, DJ Johnson announced his campaign for State Representative in House District 13.

Several Tri-State representatives vote against President Trump impeachment

The House voted yes on both articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump, but several Tri-State lawmakers voted against it.

  Evansville residents voice opinions over impeachment hearing

People right here in town have their eyes on Washington, D.C. as the impeachment vote nears.

2nd Ward Evansville City Council recount request dropped

Natalie Rascher tells 14 News there was a call with legal council Sunday, and it was decided to drop the request.

  Tell City Mayoral race to get recount after petition filed

Cail sent us a news release saying Mayor Adams’ administration filed a recount petition on Monday.

  GOP Chairman: More votes found, unlikely to change results for 2nd Ward race

Republican Evansville City Council Candidate Natalie Rascher and the GOP party are considering asking for a recount in last week’s elections.

Bevin concedes: ‘We’re going to have a change in the governorship’

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin announced Thursday that he won’t contest the results of the recanvass that took place today, nine days after a nailbiting election night that ended with Democratic challenger ahead by approximately 5,000 votes.