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Square Yard Carpet: How to Choose the right flooring company

By Holly Hanchey

Decorating — or redecorating — your home is extremely personal, and every choice from the paint to the flooring should reflect both your aesthetic and your lifestyle. New flooring can be a significant investment of your time and money, so it’s crucial to find a flooring that you love and that fits in your home.

With the many types of flooring available these days, finding the best one for your home can be overwhelming. In order to be completely satisfied with your investment in your home, it’s crucial to choose the right partner in the design and installation of your new floors. Businesses like Square Yard Carpet in Henderson know exactly how to make the most of your budget and install flooring you’ll love for years to come.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right flooring (and flooring company) for your home. Let’s take a look at a few of the big questions you should ask yourself:

What is my lifestyle like?

Your lifestyle is a big indicator of the kind of flooring you need. A flooring expert can help you choose something that will stand up to your daily use and will look the best long-term. If you have pets or children, and want carpet, they can guide you to the best carpet for repelling (or hiding) stains. In high traffic areas, you might need something more durable, whereas in lower traffic areas, like formal living rooms or offices, you might be able to install something with a little less give.

Often, customers have a certain kind of flooring in mind when they start their decorating process, based on the latest trends in magazines. However, that might not be a good choice for the way their home operates. The best way to choose the correct flooring for your home is to visit a specialty store like Square Yard Carpet and talk to one of their employees.

What is my budget?

Budget is one of the most important parts of planning a home renovation, and it’s easy to run over budget if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s important to look at more than just the initial price per square foot of your flooring options when choosing a floor. The least expensive flooring option can easily become the most expensive if it’s not suitable for your home and requires special handling. You’re making significant changes to your home, and investing in quality products means savings in the long run.

When searching for a new carpet company, it’s a good idea to ask how the sales team is paid. The staff of flooring experts at Square Yard are not paid on a commission basis, and are there to help you find the correct floor for your budget, not just the most expensive one.

How do I install and care for my floor?

Proper installation of flooring is a critical piece of the renovation puzzle. If floors are not properly installed by an expert, you can end up paying for your floors twice, should they buckle or tear after a few years of use. Make sure your choice of carpet or flooring vendor knows their installers and can vouch for their skills. Many of the installers used by Square Yard Carpet have been working with the company for more than a decade, and some as long as thirty years.

In addition to proper installation, it’s important to know how to care for your new floor. With laminate and luxury vinyl tile, less is more, and most floors can be kept clean with a good dusting or sweeping. Commercial cleaning products can be extremely harsh and ruin the floor’s finish. Wool carpet should never be vacuumed with a beater bar, or it will pill like a sweater. Your sales person should be able to help you find a floor that fits both your style and your ability to take care of it.

In short, the best way to choose new flooring for your home is to talk to an expert, visit a showroom, and see all of the many options available to you. Square Yard Carpet in Henderson is a family-run business, open since 1979, and they look forward to seeing you in their North Adams Street store.

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